Our Team


Our Team

The opportunity to meet and serve you is one we don’t take lightly.
Our favorite thing in the world is taking care of others, and few places can do it quite like Pubstreet.

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Mogan Anthony - Executive Chef


Lindsay Brezovsky

Hometown: Yorktown
Favorite Pubstreet Dish: Hanger Steak
Favorite Pubstreet Drink: Manhattan on Tap
Skill to Master: Surfing
Claim to Fame: Can quote most of the movie Blue Streak
Who Inspires you: My mom, she is my Hero



Hometown: Mount Vernon
Favorite Pubstreet Dish: Salmon Sushi Fritter or Pubstreet Rice Bowl
Favorite Pubstreet Drink: Barr Hill Gin & Tonic
Skill to Master: Patience
Claim to Fame: I can turn any sentence into a song

Joe Bueti - Owner

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Hometown: Cancun, Mexico
Favorite Pubstreet Dish: Baked Salmon
Favorite Pubstreet Drink: Orange Margarita
Skill to Master: Administration

Brian Candee - General Manager

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Hometown: Tarrytown
Favorite Pubstreet Dish: All of Them
Favorite Pubstreet Drink: Punch In the Mouth
Skill to Master: Playing the Piano
Where would you like to travel: Australia